Firefox opens 2 tabs when started

System Details Windows 7 Firefox 47. Firefox includes a Session Restore feature that can restore your windows and tabs from the previous session after a crash or unexpected close.

System Details Windows Vista Firefox 52.

firefox opens 2 tabs when started

Type about: You can complete your work on the Add-ons page and click one of the links as the last step. Open google in a tab, and open the other websites you want on the other tabs Then go to options, and click "use the current pages" So every time you open firefox google will appear with the others chosen tabs.

firefox opens 2 tabs when started

PNG file is not uploading here. No Accessibility: The progress indicator keeps spinning. If the preceding steps didn't fix the problem, or if you can't find the problematic item in the Applications list, you will have to reset the actions for all content types by manually deleting the file that stores these settings.

Firefox repeatedly opens empty tabs or windows after you click on a link

FredMcD Top 10 Contributor 3926 solutions 54668 answers. After OK'ing the Properties dialog, you can test right away to confirm that Firefox now launches only your home page.

Home Firefox Fix slowness, crashing, error... True windowLayerManagerType: This article will get you to that area of the Options page: Solution chosen.

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Then, if in doubt, disable. If not, go ahead and click the Shortcut tab.

firefox opens 2 tabs when started

Chosen solution Type about: Question owner didn't solve the problem. FredMcD Top 10 Contributor 3926 solutions 54668 answers. Home page https: You can view, disable, and often remove unwanted or unknown extensions on the Add-ons page.

This will remove all customized content type actions, not just the one that is causing the problem.