Doctor who extracts wisdom teeth

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Your Extraction Guide

Wellness and Medical Topics. Removal is a fairly common oral surgery, however the procedure is complicated if wisdom teeth have not yet erupted. A fractured jaw if the tooth was firmly attached to the jaw bone.

doctor who extracts wisdom teeth

For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. Boy that's a tough thing isn't it? Want to learn more about a health condition?

How Well It Works Wisdom tooth removal usually is effective in preventing: But the vast majority of people should at least get a dental x-ray to check out and see where those teeth are and to see if they're going to cause a problem. And I think that helps translate into a quicker recovery for the patient, kind of a smoother procedure, and all of that. Your jaw may not be large enough for them, and they may become impacted and unable to break through your gums.

Teeth Shifting: Biting pressure applied for 45 minutes should stop the bleeding. Apply for 15 to 20 minutes at a time for the first 24 hours.

doctor who extracts wisdom teeth

Do not smoke for at least 24 hours after your surgery. Download Podcast. Post-extraction, it also is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene, as well as follow these recommendations:.

doctor who extracts wisdom teeth

This cost range does not include fees associated with sedation, X-rays, possible oral surgery necessities, or the proximity of the wisdom tooth to surrounding teeth and nerves. It is rarely harmful to your health to have your wisdom teeth removed, but there are slight risks involved with any surgery.

After extraction, it is important to continue taking the medication to prevent any further or additional infection.

Who Should Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Current as of May 7, 2017. For the elderly, wisdom teeth may undermine the functionality of dentures. Wisdom Tooth Extraction Skip to the navigation.