Days when the rain came bob seger

I'm not sure if it was ever recorded. Seger later told Timothy White and Musician Magazine June 1986 that he pulled it off the single so that he could give it to Martin Scorcese for the soundtrack of the Color of Money.

days when the rain came bob seger

Still Water. Gets Ya Pumpin' 4.

days when the rain came bob seger

It was actually inspired by the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. About a divorced couple: Really delete this comment? For so much of my life, I had been afraid of myself. Upper Middle Class 9. Good tune, great vocals, despite the strange lyrics.

days when the rain came bob seger

Elevator Button. Dark Eyes. Album Reviews Song Reviews.

"Days When the Rain Would Come" Lyrics

Seger began writing "Quiet Wars" in 1977 and worked on it off and on through 1983. Hit the Road. A grown man in a children's game A game you once played free You've gotten old before your time and you're worried now they'll see This ain't competition, man This is war And you can't hit the corners no more.

Carfax Abbey is one of the locales in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Bob Seger - Days When The Rain Would Come Lyrics

If it had, it would probably also be on the Greatest Hits album. A poignant ballad about the pain of unfulfilled love.

days when the rain came bob seger

One of the first Seger songs focusing on the woman's point of view a tradition carried on by "Jody Girl" and "The Ring. Timothy White, April 1983, Musician. Someday 7. The Future's Now.

days when the rain came bob seger

We remixed it and remixed it, and finally I decided that I wanted to recut the track. Another great song from Seger's early '70s live show that may or may not ever have been recorded.