Cashews how its made discovery channel

Food Factory

Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations. How are the calories counted in diet bread?

cashews how its made discovery channel

Discover how spicy salsa gets its peppery kick; a tangy ancient cheese once made by monks gets a modern makeover; crunchy fortune cookies come sweet, tasty and packed full of good advice; and a popular summertime snack gets stuffed with ice creamy coolness.

So is it yoghurt?

How It's Made

Jimmy learns about the battle against the hidden nuisance that leads to corked wine. Should we skip breakfast?

Season 2 - April 21, 2015. Season 3 - May 7, 2015. Includes images of fish fertilisation This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

The Story of the Cashew

Season 6 - October 1, 2016. Food Factory stands on guard for some delicious Canadian treats: Matt traces the British blackcurrant from the field to the Ribena factory.

Food Unwrapped

The team reveal the secrets of China's food, exploring ancient farming techniques, modern commercial production on an epic scale, and everything from noodles to fortune cookies, soy sauce and garlic.

Kate visits a very colourful jelly bean factory. And Kate explores the power of beetroot.

cashews how its made discovery channel

If stinky cheese smells so bad why does it taste so good? Kate travels from Essex to Holland to try and find out how sandwich manufacturers stop our packet tomato sarnies from going soggy.

And how are gummy sweets made?

cashews how its made discovery channel

Dr Helen visits Poland to learn the trick to concentrating apple juice. Jimmy examines how plastic packaging is polluting the food chain with potentially global implications. Why is halloumi cheese a subject of great debate?

cashews how its made discovery channel

And okra. Kate visits a remote potato paradise in Chile as she investigates coloured crisps.