Baby whats your phone number 2pac changes

Hi baby. Watch me while you lick your lips Shake your hips, goddamn, I love that shit Yo, let's stop fakin', be real now I got a room and a hard-on; still down? Cancelar Excluir. Are you alone?

What'z Ya # Number

What a nigga do to the pussy? Yeah, you did. Didn't you come over here to get fucked? Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

Thugz Get Lonely Too original: Criar playlist. Now she can get me. Why don't you help me out.

"What'z Ya Phone #" lyrics

Of course, when he found out I was a funk fan his face it up and we talked about how he flipped 777, how he flipped "Candy" by Cameo for Pac's "All About U" and others. The leaked version was still made in 1997. Just poundin' that shit from the back 'Cause a motherfucker hop that shit like I got hydraulics Fixed in me, you feel me? If you open your mind, Bet in a minute you'll find it's time.

Thug N U Thug N Me (Remix)

Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? I got ten. Mais acessados. For 65 years straight, the 1 genre in music, selling wise, was rock n' roll worldwide. Waitin for the nimphoes. Interesting story Militant, I remember U mentioning it before and think I checked out the documentary too as I'm a big fan of Pac. Plugin W. Plus P or Warner's had cleared samples back in the late 80s.

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What'z Ya Phone Number Lyrics

Eh, so what cha doin right now, though? Tear drops samples LTD's love ballad. You recognize my voice, huh? Media Player Winamp. When Thugs Cry: