Avitrol whole corn msds

avitrol whole corn msds

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avitrol whole corn msds

For instance, prebait with clean, whole kernel corn if you plan to bait with Avitrol Whole corn. When using Avitrol, a Survey the site in accordance with NPMA survey recommendations, b Prebait the site at locations indicated by your survey with a food similar to the Avitrol bait which will be used.

avitrol whole corn msds

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avitrol whole corn msds

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The answer is as long as it takes. Therefore, it is recommended that the blend of treated and untreated bait be exposed before daylight on the treatment days and in sensitive areas picked up on the same day.

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avitrol whole corn msds

The higher the percentage of Avitrol treated grain in the blend, the higher the mortality but usually the quicker the results. When bait acceptance is good, one would expect the flock to eat three and one-half to ten pounds of grain per hundred birds per day. Failure to do this is the most common cause of public complaint.


Please login for customer special pricing. For specific information as to the use ofthis product, we suggest that you visit the manufacturers webpage -www. Do not allow a lapse of time between prebaiting and baiting.