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Area code 563 is where

The split gives the shrunken 319 region an estimated four years before it will run out of telephone numbers and the 563 region about 10 years before it will need more area code relief. Phone companies are not the only ones gearing up for the change. Thanks to the proliferation of telephones, fax machines, cellular phones and pagers, the 319 area code that has long served eastern Iowa is running out of available numbers, so the Iowa Utilities Board approved in October the concept of splitting the region into two different area codes.

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area code 563 is where

Please call 800-452-7570 to upgrade your subscription. Today marks the beginning of the end for the 319 area code in the Iowa Quad-City region. Need a big crane for a big job?

Area Code 563

All archives are here. Despite lobbying from business and community groups hoping to retain 319, the Quad-Cities was chosen to adopt 563, while communities from Iowa City to Cedar Falls keep 319.

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Where Is Area Code 563?

Cellular will schedule reprogramming "fairs" with a large number of employees on hand to make the necessary changes. Don't have an account? What Area Code is 563? Digital Plus E-Edition.

area code 563 is where

During the next eight months, callers to the new 563 region can dial either area code and have their call go through, but they must begin using 563 on Dec. Every city in the United States has its own unique area code.

area code 563 is where