All actors who have played james bond

List Activity Views: He is known for his work on Thunderball 1965 , Goldfinger 1964 and Moonraker 1979. There is less dialogue for Connery than in future turns, and his name was not marketed particularly heavily in the release of either of the first two films. Cubby Broccoli and his daughter Barbara stated many times that they were disappointed to lose Dalton.

all actors who have played james bond

It featured a new composer for the first time in ten years and the first rock 'n' roll theme song. Any speculation at this time is not only premature, but also wholly false. He left after 1967 and declined to appear in the sixth release.

Who Played James Bond: A Complete History

In was not, however, a theatrical release. Already an established personality via television's "The Saint" and "The Persuaders", Roger Moore stepped into the role at a time when the series was facing a crisis.

all actors who have played james bond

If you asked someone who the first actor to play James Bond was, they would probably answer Sean Connery. Before becoming an actor, he worked as an auto mechanic, used car salesman, prestige...

Timothy Dalton earned the role of Bond only after Pierce Brosnan was prevented from taking the reins from Moore due to a contract conflict with the NBC television show "Remington Steele".

all actors who have played james bond

He was born Daniel... But Connery proved to be the perfect person to assimilate Fleming's cold warrior on screen.

Actors who have played James Bond

Critics and fans at the time were quick to place the blame squarely on the actor and EON was quick to publicly agree with that assessment.

It is odd that so many things in his debut, 1973's "Live And Let Die", stood in stark contrast to the previous entries in the series. Tell us what you think about this feature. David Niven was named after the Saint's Day on which he was born, St.

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He meant it firmly in 1983 but still cam back for a final swan song in 1985. He has played Bond straight but with verve. It opened with the gun barrel sequence that would become a trademark of the series. By then no one could hide from three obvious conclusions.