Airbenders who could fly

Even if Aang "drew on the power of a past airbender" to fly which I would argue that he just sorta shifts the air around him so that he can levitate, not exactly the same superman shit that Zaheer and laghima call flying Than there would only be around 17 of those avatars who could potentially have "mastered flight" that Aang could "draw power from".

August 15, 2014. They used their bending to pick up fruit from trees, and stayed up there. Avatar Roku ".

airbenders who could fly

In Korra, Amon is taking away people's bending attunement to the mortal world. They simply CAN'T.

airbenders who could fly

However, like anything it can skip generations. Season 1. Aug 24, 2014 03: So we just don't see enough airbenders that have really mastered the element enough to fly unassisted. I know that.


That's how discovery works kid. Additionally, Bison do have earthly attachments as they're shown to have formed families and attachment to their human friends. My apologies if my understanding of aerodynamics is a little off.

airbenders who could fly

The technique was first demonstrated by Zaheer on Earth Queen Hou-Ting to lethal effect, [37] and he later used it on Avatar Korra, though it was interrupted before she could suffocate. There have been 10,000 years between Avatar Korra and Avatar Wan.

airbenders who could fly

During the battle at Wulong Forest , while extinguishing three enormous fire whips, Aang unleashed a straightforward wind attack at Ozai. June 16, 2012. But the Avatar can never do it. You misunderstand me.


In fact, Guru Pathik states that letting go of his Aang's attachment to Katara is a requirement for him to open the Avatar State. I have no fucking clue where 10,000 or 6,000 came from you idiot. Episode 8. Therefore, when Zaheer's foot was covered by ice, it directly affected his ability to fly.