Wikihow to draw a lion laying

wikihow to draw a lion laying

To make the mane, sew yellow fabric around a piece of elastic 1 inch shorter than the distance around your head. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Draw two more upside down U's to make the pink parts of the ears. About This Article.

wikihow to draw a lion laying

Push the fabric through the unsewn end to turn the stitching on the inside of the ear. Tips Add furry details to make it look more like a sitting lion.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. Most importantly, you have to practice. You need to do is sketch out each spot that is on the leopard's body. You now have a finished line art! Sew the long edges of the fabric together to form a hollow tube of fabric. Always do preliminary sketching for a difficult subject. Wrap the open ends of the ears around a plastic headband.

Then, sketch an oblong that connects to the head to make the body, and draw 4 elongated ovals for the limbs. You will now start sketching out the shape of the face starting with the snout and lip.

How To Draw a Lion

Tell us more about it? Do a little, work on a different one, go back when it takes the pose again.

wikihow to draw a lion laying

Sew or glue the strips to the elastic covered headband. Finish the headband by connecting the two ends of the elastic together to form a circle. Use a dark pink for the nose and tongue.

wikihow to draw a lion laying

Thanks for letting us know. Sketch in the eyes, nose and mouth. Finish your cub off with some small brown spots on the forehead and the muzzle.

Method 2.

Very warm tones, like a golden yellow and a yellow-brown or darker around the eyes, leaving bits of white throughout. You can always perfect it later. Tips Always draw lightly at first. Answer this question Flag as... Made Recently View more 10 total.