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The paddling season is actually the quiet time. With kayaks or white water canoes this would be virtually no chore what so ever.

Whorlton Lido Railway

They constantly complain about a whole section of the population but make absolutely no effort to support them in the way that other, older, groups are supported. I think parish councillors have a lot to answer for. Neighbours said they were also sick of drunken youths who would go to the site in the summer months.

The answer seems to be to just take the toys away! From what I could understand the problem was more with the people who go there for the day in the summer and swim in the river, drink too much and play their music loudly.

15" gauge B-BPM 'Wendy' at Whorlton Lido Railway. Wycliffe, Co.Durham. 28/06/92.

Facebook Email. There is often no youth club and when they get toma certain age this really mey not be the 'cool' place to hang out. Whorlton Lido, near Barnard Castle in County Durham, has been an attraction since 1905 and has a miniature railway. A carry over the bridge is easy.

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Inland paddling. The minutes of the Council meeting where this was decided, went on to observe that "problems sometimes occurred with people congregating at the main taxi rank". Take nothing but pictures. There is still access as far as I am concerned.

Whorlton Lido (closed)

My advice was just keep your heads down and only leave one car at the top. Paul Townley bought the popular beauty spot by the River Tees called Whorlton Lido because he was tired of the noise made by holiday-makers. The land owner was their the other week when we arriverd to do the section he said he would call the police for tresspassing but we then told him he couldnt as we were not using his land so he was alright with that. Kill nothing but time. Whorlton Lido closed to the Public?

Maybe staying out of the village centre and not parking on the hairpin would allow us to continue to enjoy this section of river without the hassle of paddling down from Barney. Login or Register with: