Who wears short shorts simpsons episode guide

Homer indulges her at first, but after he rips his pants, he decides that he's better off staying beneath the warm covers of his bed. Every attempt to save her husband's soul fails and Marge once again heads to church without Homer where the sermon is all about how Homer is an agent of the devil. Homer the Heretic. Contents 1 Plot Overview 2 Notes 2. The cigar starts a fire which brings the volunteer fire squad to his rescue...

[The Simpsons] The Royal Teens and Homer Simpson - Short Shorts (Sub Ita)

The fire spreads to Ned's house but a small raincloud extinguishes it quickly. Homer manages to learn a lesson about how faith drives the hearts of the people who saved him and he promises to be in church next Sunday.

While he's sleeping, he dreams about meeting God again, who tells him not to worry because 9 out of 10 religions fail in their first year.

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Namespaces Page Discussion. Homer discovers the joys of staying home from church and decides to start his own religion, which mainly consists of him sitting around watching football in his underwear.

who wears short shorts simpsons episode guide

This page was last modified on 21 December 2007, at 18: Meanwhile, he spends part of the morning reading magazines and being solicited by Krusty on behalf of the Society for Jewish Clowns, buys beer from Apu after insulting his Hindu religion and falling asleep on the couch with a lit cigar in his mouth.

Homer asks God what the meaning of life is, but God's answer is cut off by the theme music.

who wears short shorts simpsons episode guide

Ned, who was not in church for some reason, manages to save his neighbor while the squad pulls up to save his house. While he discovers the joys of being able to stay home alone, the rest of the family is stuck in the unheated church listening to Rev.

While she's praying, Homer falls asleep and dreams that God pulls the roof off of his house and accuses him of forsaking His church. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Retrieved from " http: George Meyer. God agrees with Homer's idea to worship in his own way outside of church and goes off to appear on a tortilla in Mexico.

who wears short shorts simpsons episode guide

A blizzard is raging in Springfield and Marge is attempting to force the rest of the family to go to church despite the cold weather.

Jim Reardon.