Who was nomar garciaparra traded for

Trade Retrospective – Nomar Garciaparra

The Sox also decided to move Garciaparra after he informed the medical staff within the last three days that he would need considerable time more than just random days off but not a trip to the disabled list the remainder of the season to rest his injured right Achilles' tendon. From Mientkiewicz via SI. But I think that all the teams ended up accomplishing what their goals were for this trade.

who was nomar garciaparra traded for

Signed by Chicago Cubs December 7, 2004. Tweet to BaseballAlmanac. History All-Star Game A. Meet the man nequin keeping Nats' endless uniform combos straight Washington Nationals. Share this: Like Loading...

Flashback Friday: Cubs traded for Nomar Garciaparra

If the Sox had never drafted Nomar, they never could have traded for Cabrera. Born In:.

who was nomar garciaparra traded for

GM Theo Epstein had this to say about the trade at the time:. In one of the most momentous transactions in the modern annals of the 103-yearold franchise, the Sox yesterday ended their decade-long relationship with Nomar Garciaparra, dispatching the two-time American League batting champion to the Chicago Cubs in a four-team deal aimed at shoring up Boston's flawed defense.

Was Nomar Garciaparra the most fruitful Draft pick ever?

User-submitted photos. In Chicago, the Cubs ended up with an 89-73 record, good for only 3rd place in the NL Central and out of the playoff picture.

2009/07/06 Nomar salutes the fans at Fenway

You make the call. Luke Voit hoping to win Yankees' first-base job... Glossary Print Friendly Did you know that during the physical, if a team finds out that the player received during a trade is injured they may return the player to the originating team within ten days from the date the trade was made and void the entire contract?

who was nomar garciaparra traded for

Signed by Oakland Athletics March 6, 2009. Signed by Los Angeles Dodgers November 20, 2006.

Deal would trigger Nomar-for-Ordonez

Still Living Cemetery: Duke's loss means there's a new No. Lies, damn lies, and projections Chicago Cubs. Don't start to waver on us.