Who can file for unemployment in michigan

who can file for unemployment in michigan

So, if you file your claim in July 2018, the four quarters in the alternative base period are: Some examples of good reasons to quit may be:. This will yield your benefit period, although regardless of this calculation, the minimum number of weeks is 14 and the maximum is 20.

I Need to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

You can file online if all of the following apply:. You can change how you get your benefits paid by calling 1-866-500-0017. Able and available to work full time Seeking full time work, and Unemployed or only working part time You also report your work search at least once a month by: If you have been denied benefits, you can protest and ask for a redetermination.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits you must not only be unemployed, you must also be actively seeking suitable full-time work. If you were forced to quit for reasons beyond your control, you might not be disqualified.

How do I register for unemployment?

Fired If you were fired, the UIA will consider the reason you were fired when determining your eligibility. It will take about 45 minutes. If you do not qualify for unemployment benefits based on the standard base period, an alternate base period for unemployment will be considered. Sandvick, JD.

Interest accumulates very quickly on unemployment overpayments.

who can file for unemployment in michigan

There are four calendar quarters in a year:. If you quit, the Agency will look at why you quit in determining your eligibility.

who can file for unemployment in michigan

It will tell you: If you were self-employed, worked for a family business, or holding a political office, there are additional criterion that you must meet. It ends the Saturday one year later.

If you do not send it back within 10 days, you may be denied benefits. Why might I be denied unemployment benefits?