Where is the oldest light bulb

The search for an even older British bulb is a matter of national pride.

where is the oldest light bulb

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Click bulb picture above to see the Bulb-Cam in action

Time will tell. Please follow this link to Tom Clabaugh's page, A light from our distant past. Kim Jong-un enjoys a cigarette break during 70-hour train ride from North Korea to... While most modern light bulbs barely last a year, this example is still shining on after an incredible 130 years.


Follow this link to Our Most Requested Photos! It first belonged to the late Florence Crook who once took it to school to dazzle her classmates. There are now an estimated 903.

First Electric Bulbs by Thomas Edison

Will our current LED technology one day be able to last more than 100,000 hours? Detective mother-of-two, 44, facing sack for breaking wind on duty, asking colleague if he wanted affair...

where is the oldest light bulb

Proof of Longevity: Fire Station 6 4550 East Ave. Otherwise you can see the bulb if you look through the right apparatus door window. Click 1 Million Hours Bulb to see a web page showing the day.

where is the oldest light bulb

Located near San Jose California, in the town of Livermore, Fire Station 6 is now the home of the oldest, still working incandescent bulb in the world: Bizarre moment terrified-looking aide sprints down red carpet after missing cue and leaving Kim Jong Un... Are these the airline seats of the future? Study finds dogs' personalities often end up mimicking their owners'...

where is the oldest light bulb

Beth Crook and her incredible 130-year-old light bulb that is still shining after 130 years. Yes, it's a joy to see butterflies and blooms burst forth this early in the year...

where is the oldest light bulb

You can visit the bulb if the Firefighters are not on an emergency call or out training. Thirteen more migrants including a BABY and two children are caught trying to cross Channel bringing total...