Where is mccloud falls california

where is mccloud falls california

Along the way, we were able to get partial glimpses back at Mt Shasta too many tall trees in the way as the mountain could be better seen from the Middle McCloud Falls parking lot as well as hiking next to some interesting rocks flanking the trail.

Nevertheless, this was also the section of trail where we allowed the subtleties of Mother Nature sink into us as the McCloud River could be glimpses for much of this section while it was always within earshot the entire way.

We receive compensation from companies whose products or services are used, referenced, or reviewed regardless of whether we endorse or criticize them. About Us My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! Hiking Distance: The brink of the Upper McCloud Falls was our turnaround point. It's amazing how powerful this small waterfall is.

McCloud River’s Three Waterfalls

Luckily for us, when we made our visit, time was on our side. Once we had our fill of the overlook area, we then walked down the steps and onto the bedrock of the McCloud River amongst the hundreds of people who were chilling out around the minor cliff edges surrounding the deep green emerald plunge pool as well as further upstream where there were shallower and calmer sections of the river allowing for families including kids to play in or just chill out and have a relaxing time over some refreshments and lawn chairs.

After turning right onto the Fowler Public Camp Rd, we took it for the next 0. Refresh this page after you have logged in. My wife and I love chasing waterfalls!

where is mccloud falls california

Taking the I-5 south from the town at Lake Street, it was less than two miles before we took the junction with Hwy 89 leaving the I-5 and heading east. No users have replied to the content on this page Share your thoughts about what you've read on this page You must be logged in to submit content.

McCloud Falls (Lower, Middle, Upper)

Nearest Waterfalls. When we showed up at almost 3pm in late June, the far right side of the falls was already in shadow, which necessitated doing some tricks with the camera to resolve the bright and dark regions of the waterfall to resolve both zones in one photo.

where is mccloud falls california

The straight shot road led to the Middle McCloud Falls parking lot after about a mile on our right. Find nearby waterfalls. McCloud Falls March 29, 2013 9: Further beyond the railings, the trail would continue between more trees and bush containing some blooming wildflowers for the next quarter-mile. Get to the waterfall.


Beyond the overlook, we followed the cliff-hugging railings offering us more views of the McCloud River canyon below. The Upper Falls was kind of a chute waterfall with some interesting cascades further upstream feeding its dramatic chute. Affiliate Disclosure: Since it was busy when we showed up at around 1: You can get drenched by mist if…... Shasta, California.

where is mccloud falls california