Where does static shock live action

where does static shock live action

His origin is simple as can be for superheroes: What's more, it was the only animated superhero series with a black lead — as in, not part of an ensemble, as with Cyborg or Green Lantern — until Black Panther in 2010. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

where does static shock live action

The Umbrella Academy: The attitude, the spirit of digital production, I think is really helping us. And how do you measure good?


Using his new powers, Virgil becomes the superhero Static Shock or just Static; it depends and protects the city of Dakota from others who also gained powers during the incident. Denys Cowan: Doing short-form is important, and you have to make it work, so when you sit down and click on it, and it may be the first one you click on, it works as a standalone piece. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. That makes things better.

Hudlin & Cowan On Why A Live-Action “Static Shock” Is “More Timely Than Ever”

Part of it is just how history moves. Static Shock was initially meant to fill in a gap left by Spider-Man at Marvel. It feels like some sort of weird summation of everything. As opposed to, just being really honest about the complexities of being a young person and all the choices you have to make. How fast can you make another one?

DC Comics: Static Shock Explained

Big picture of Static Shock. Static was incredibly popular, and inspired an animated adaptation that won an Emmy Award and led to new demand for Milestone comics.

where does static shock live action

Some of this may have been for legal reasons, but there's no denying that without Static, this revival of DC 's 2000s cartoons doesn't feel complete without him. That said, Akil has made his passion for Static quite clear.

where does static shock live action

What are those choices? With these powers, he became Static and protected the city of Dakota from others known as Bang Babies who also gained powers during the incident.

Static Shock Creator Denys Cowan Teases Milestone TV Show Or Movie

What can you share about how this came to be? But, things may be looking up for him soon. A fresh take on sports: