When to drink drambuie

when to drink drambuie

A golden liqueur, Drambuie is made with a whiskey base and infused with a variety of herbs. Top with a splash of soda if desired. Mix Drambuie martinis.

Drambuie: The Charming Scotsman That Will Totally Beat Up Your Honey-Flavored Whiskey

The best way to enjoy its complexity is to drink it neat or on the rocks. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. To create a vanilla spice martini, substitute the Manhattan's ingredients with 1 part Drambuie, 1 part vanilla vodka, 1. Read More. Registered in Scotland.

when to drink drambuie

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How to drink Drambuie: 3 simple cocktails

Drambuie Fresco -divider-. When the leader of Clan MacKinnon helped him escape, Charles showed his thanks by handing over the recipe for his secret personal dram: The Underdog -divider-.

when to drink drambuie

Bonnie Prince Charles tried to take on Great Britain. Add a squeeze of lime and apple slices for garnish. Good coffee cocktails can be few and fair between.

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3 Simple Cocktails to Acquaint You with Drambuie

Sign up. Then it slips into sultry demerara sugar, vanilla, clove, and cardamom.

when to drink drambuie

Garnish with a lemon wheel. Though favored by princes and lounge singers alike, this herbal wonder somehow manages to stay subtly out of the spotlight.

when to drink drambuie

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