What your name looks like in japanese

Learn all about Japanese Names Do you want to know how to write your name in Japanese?

what your name looks like in japanese

Later on. I've had this name for nearly 20 years now. Pick the one that you like and use it as your Japanese name.

what your name looks like in japanese

I wonder whether I'd go dfor a name change if I emigrated, just to make life easier for everyone. The Japanese Name Converter uses a combination of dictionary lookup, substitution rules, and machine learning to convert English characters into katakana.

Even in the US, the hard G is pretty common. To get a kanji name with a similar pronunciation to an English name, ask a Japanese person for help or look in a book.

Your Name In Japanese

My art teacher translated it into Korean more or less as "pretty trees", if I recall correctly. To write your English name in the Japanese alphabet , first you need to know the basics of Katakana.

I have yet to encounter a meaning for my middle name my grandmother's surname , so that's a lost cause, and I'm pretty sure my surname was either shortened or made up entirely two generations ago, but, if you ignore that, it seems to have something to do with red or being a redhead's kid, or something. Share Twitter Facebook.

How do I write my name in Japanese?

Also, I'd had a number of nice obaasans and ojiisans decide my name kanji for me, and I never liked the ones they chose. Hello Cameron, Thank you for posting! Not only does it travel well in Occidental countries, it even means something neat and is easy to pronounce in Japan and China.

what your name looks like in japanese

Please note that the spellings might change depending on the actual pronunciation. I filled out a random reading of my name, and then a few days later someone from the company called and said 'thank you for applying, but your name doesn't match your bank account name'. Certain parts of Japanese bureaucracy basically require you to have a kanji name, as I understand it. Or Gladgaurd Icehard. They probably did. We foreigners were also taught how to speak like prim and proper bourgeois middle-class ladies; it's pretty amusing to see a 230-pound former linebacker demurely covering his mouth and softly chuckling "ho ho ho" when laughing.

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what your name looks like in japanese

I can just imagine your satisfaction KokuRyu! In Chinese, the professors all gave us Chinese names with hanzi as a side note, I kind of love my Chinese name; it sounds a lot like my real name, and it incorporates the kanji that my middle name would use if I were a real Japanese person.

Another quick way of finding out the common katakana form of a name is explained in How can I find the Japanese name of a film, person, plant, etc.?