What would your superhero name betty

Adds mystique: So make sure you check out the state specific charts below and find out how popular or unique Betty is where you live.

what would your superhero name betty

I like Jenny Sparks, although if you want to go all-out there's always Jenny Quantum. Not great for a first kiss. Now that you've got some ideas, it's time to narrow down your names.

what would your superhero name betty

Vegetarian pizza. My wife and I named our son Jorell. Like Rogue, Storm is part of the X Men, which means fans of the films will be all too familiar with her awesome white hair and eye-changing abilities. Similar to Betty We've found the following names that sound similar to Betty, sorted by popularity.

What’s Your Superhero Name?

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All you need is a cool name, a coordinating costume, and a fearless alter ego, and there you are! What about Xavier's lover from the Shai'ar? Some other ideas: Kara Zor-El, of course! I need a name that would match a dark blue suite.

what would your superhero name betty

You're just asking for trouble down the family tree with that one. Can you add a name for super strength lightning shrink grow to boy superhero names. Well, there's Ysabell, after the heroine from Mort...

what would your superhero name betty

There are tons of ways to sound cool. From Mary 1 in 1910 to Madison 8 in 2012 - We have collected and organized names from over 290 million births to help you find the perfect name for your baby.