What is a corona rita margarita

Though this drink is not always served in a traditional margarita glass , it still delivers on the familiar and refreshing flavors of two classic beverages. Spice or no spice, the Coronarita combos at Margaritas are almost endless.

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Corona bottle in an original margarita, it can be created with any margarita you choose. The air that is inside the bottle creates pressure that keeps the beer from spilling out into the margarita.

Coronaritas are also very simple and only require a few bar supplies to make, so your staff can quickly crank out drinks during happy hour. But, when you sip on the margarita with a straw, the liquid level in the glass will go down, and the beer inside the bottle will then flow into the glass to make up for the missing liquid. While the original recipe calls for a 7 oz.

How to Make a Coronarita

Free to join! Whether you call it a Coronarita, a Mexican Bulldog Margarita, or a Mexican Car Crash, this tequila-inspired Mexican drink recipe is sure to be a hit with your customers.

Pour ice cubes, tequila, triple sec, and lime sour mix into a cocktail shaker. You would expect that, when you flip the beer updside down in your cocktail, the mixture would overflow and spill all over the place.

CoronaRita Recipe

We recommend the Coronarita be concocted using the original margarita for the classic taste, our with our Spider Cider or Sour Apple margarita for a more daring flavor.

Whether you own a Mexican restaurant, tequila bar, or tropical cafe, this Coronarita recipe is an excellent addition to your menu. How the Coronarita works has to do with pressure. Leave a Comment.

what is a corona rita margarita

The Tanteo Tropical tequila used in our spicy Coronarita is made using jalapenos and tropical flavors. Or if you want to spice things up a bit, try our Spicy Coronarita made with Tanteo tropical tequila, triple sec, Margaritas fresh made Squeeze and a Coronita.

what is a corona rita margarita

Log In Here or Create an account. If this is your first introduction to the Coronarita, let us explain. Posted in: And if the Tanteo Tropical is still not bringing the heat, try the extra spicy Tanteo Jalapeno tequila in your Coronarita. Sign up to receive coupon codes in your inbox! How Does a Coronarita work?

what is a corona rita margarita