What does sync mean on vsco

It was a handy feature, letting you make changes on the iPad's big screen while sending them to the iPhone for easy sharing to apps like Instagram.

Photo-editing app VSCO is turning off its sync feature today

There is no way to recover my pictures, isn't it? I think the VSCO photo filters are second to none. Partition Master Pro. While the sync feature has already been discontinued, users have until December 31 to finish any open projects that use synced images.

what does sync mean on vsco

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what does sync mean on vsco

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what does sync mean on vsco

Posted 8 hours ago — By Christian de Looper. It can be used with the AllClip for add-on lenses. The company says the card doubles the typical standard speed for microSD cards.

Using VSCO Cam for iPad

Their in-app camera is excellent, their Library is easy to navigate and it syncs seamlessly, their editing tools are second to none, and their Grid and Journal platforms are polished and well used. The feature also allowed works-in-progress to sync, saving edits across multiple devices before the project is fully completed. Step 1. Existing account, please login directly Customer Login Reseller Login. VSCO also recently pushed out a visual redesign in the iPhone app, but most of those changes haven't come to the iPad yet -- maybe as the company removes its sync feature, it'll put the apps back on par from a visual standpoint.

what does sync mean on vsco

This article will guid…. That'll probably disappear before long, however, so don't necessarily rely on it. Latest in Gear. Free tech support. Ah well. The sync option is no longer available for new projects.

VSCO Advanced Camera Settings

The app also recently added a feature that allows users to export their entire library , provided they still have space on the device. Posted 1 day ago — By Hillary Grigonis.