What does performance net of fees mean

what does performance net of fees mean

Let's look at a cinematic metaphor to clear up this apparent ambiguity. Now I'm wondering if he is also playing games with the front and back-end loads. When a product's composite performance is equal-weighted, it reflects the average performance of all portfolios in that product.

what does performance net of fees mean

It is a matter of record that low-cost funds outperform high-cost funds. Brokers and consultants can often perform due diligence for investors.

U.S Equity Fund-I Series (USEF-I)

Obviously, neither the movie ticket price nor the expense ratio captures the respective total cost of a trip to the movies or a mutual fund investment. Good luck, Keith.

what does performance net of fees mean

Amy Bulger Manager, Alternative Investments. Generally speaking, disclosure is any information that a client or prospective client should know. These adjustments are almost always minor.

what does performance net of fees mean

Equity Fund-I Series U. Window dressing: After much soul-searching I decided that I had nothing to gain and everything to lose by getting into a debate with my father and brother about this.

What is PERFORMANCE FEE? What does PERFORMANCE FEE mean? PERFORMANCE FEE meaning & explanation

If a manager is reporting performance NET of fees, the reported results include the deduction of management fees. Various variations between these two extremes exist.

If they refuse its a cause for concern.


This brings me to my question: C shares imbedded 12b-1 fees of 0. In view of the above, a mutual fund's expense ratio is much like the price of a movie ticket in our example, while the transactional costs and sales charges are the equivalent to what a moviegoer spends at the refreshment counter.

A publicly traded company with a medium-range market capitalization.

what does performance net of fees mean

He compared his performance against the raw Wilshire 5000 index devoid of the dividends during 2008 and 2009 despite the fact that his example portfolio contained a significant proportion of bonds.