What does leu het meaning

Leucistic and Platinum Pairings I had never seen that article of yours before. Leucistic and Platinum Pairings. Page Time: Tok Pisin is subject to a special exemption for languages with limited documentation. Toggle navigation PDB-101.

what does leu het meaning

For instance, you can specify sequence motifs using wildcards, repeated residues or alternative residues, and you can specify chain lengths or location in a genome. Hebrew letter names fi: Reference templates lacking the author or editor parameters Reference templates lacking the title parameter.

what does leu het meaning

Popular Topics Views. Is is not possible that those babies you produced from a mosaic glider are really just plat mosaics NOT TPM, but just plat colored mosaics, or as you call them, silver mosaics? You would have to contact Shannon for pics of Bernard. I also was looking at the Leu offspring of Miranda - her ears look pretty dark to me, but it could be because of a shadow...

Active Posts. Hey Lynsie by Feather. They have no mosaic markings at all. A "het" means the chance it is carrying ONE copy of a particular gene.

Primary Sequences and the PDB Format

They aren't on this computer. That is the question by flutterby219. R-value and R-free. Who's Online Now. Many breeders have agreed with this logic, others don't.

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Clipping of heterosexual. That is the question by Feather.

what does leu het meaning

From English head. Structure Factors and Electron Density. For example. Sunshine is a leu from leu and plat lines She is paired with a mosaic out of leu lines no plat lines. A more detailed presentation is available under the "Sequence" Tab example: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.