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I did have to clean out the nozzle after the clay so be sure to check that from time to time. Residential Drain Cleaner John S. It had been clogged going on three years with what I expected was mud, rocks and other debris. With each time we used the Clog Hog, the drainage pipes flowed more and more freely. Passing a sewer jetter nozzle through a drain elbow that has a rough or uneven interior surface - including some corrugated footer drain elbows - can sometimes take extra patience. I spent some time pulling it back and letting it go forward to clean out the remainder of the drain.

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It quickly removed the mud and debris from the pipe so the water could flow away from my home. Before putting it into service I proceeded to put indicator marks with orange electricians tape every 5 feet on the hose, this would allow me to know how many feet I was inside the drain.

I have a drain that perpetually gets clogged every couple of months. Since I had the wee Powermate, it seemed like Clog Hog might be the answer. And was going to make one myself to hook to my pressure washer. Now my sink flows freely with no problems.

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I no longer worry about leaves and other debris getting in the drains.... They wanted a high rental fee and short time. It was almost like Oil Dri or Kitty Litter in the line. Much cheaper than commercially called plumber. I recommend it highly and can't say enough positive about it. When the plumber came back in the line was clear and I did not have to pay him a dime. Follow denverwestword. The Drain Cleaner worked like a charm. We would use a drain snake to try to clear it but it would only help for a very short time.

I have an older home with cast iron drains this unit not only cleared the drain but also removed a lot of the scaling in the drain.

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