What does a 102 fever feel like

Gina says: Feb 6, 2014.

what does a 102 fever feel like

Your mom takes your temperature with a thermometer. Some people who get the vaccine will still get the flu.

102° Fever (WK 219.2) - Bratayley

About Search for a drug. But because fevers in newborns can indicate a serious infection, even infants who are overdressed must be checked by a doctor if they have a fever.

Colds and the Flu

I live in Canada so I have the privilege of free healthcare, but please know a fever can be dangerous if not fatal. Continue Reading.

what does a 102 fever feel like

Fever in infants and children: I see how compassionate you are, NOT. Body temperatures usually return to normal with the illness goes away.

what does a 102 fever feel like

December 2, 2014 at 6: There is no test to diagnose a cold. Good article but stupid comment. Fevers with infections don't cause brain damage.

what does a 102 fever feel like

There is little evidence that cough and cold medicines and nasal decongestants are effective in treating children. The exact temperature that should trigger a call to the doctor depends on a child's age, the illness, and whether there are other symptoms with the fever. Young and successful says: Request Appointment.

Fever - Myths Versus Facts

Why do parents and doctors care so much about them? They take cash?

what does a 102 fever feel like

Most people's body temperatures change a little bit during the course of the day: