Turbo noise when changing gear

When the planetary gear system starts experiencing problems, you first notice a whining noise.

turbo noise when changing gear

Check to see if the noise desists when you shift the vehicle to park or neutral. Search Advanced search. Email Address.

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If it isnt a BOV, what is it?? That is why ben-e-boy's does not make the noise because his has a 3" dump pipe matched to the exhaust system. The team Contact us. After noticing any of these noises coming from your transmission, make sure to bring your vehicle to a dealership professional for service.

turbo noise when changing gear

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Skip to content. But I still dont get that noise. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Noises coming from the transmission of your vehicle almost always indicate a serious problem that deserves immediate attention from an experienced mechanic. Contact Us First Name. Post it here. A constant whining noise when your car is in gear needs professional attention. A clogged transmission line is often symptomatic of much more severe transmission issue, which means you should take your vehicle to the service and parts department at your dealership as soon as possible.

'Woosh' Noise gone noisier when changing gear, (video)

If you the whining noise coming from your transmission gets worse when your vehicle is in reverse, this usually means that the transmission fluid line is clogged. Should the whining noise of your transmission continue whenever your vehicle is in gear, this can mean there is a problem occurring in your torque converter.

turbo noise when changing gear

Working from Home? Might not be running enough boost 13 psi. When a grinding noise occurs with your transmission, it could mean a serious problem with your planetary gear system. It does sound like a blow off valve but much deeper compared to a petrol engine. Having no noise like that is better theoretically for the turbocharger.

turbo noise when changing gear

But it sound so tuff!! Cheers If any one has seen DVD 6 of extreme action there is a section on mud guts and glory in WA there is a blue gq wagon with a perth 4x4 sticker doin a hill climb, Thats the sound I'm talking about? Write a comment Name required. Once you reach the grinding stage, the gear system is suffering from major issues. Write a comment Name required Mail will not be published required Website.