State property got nowhere lyrics state

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"Got Nowhere..." lyrics

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state property got nowhere lyrics state

Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now. Streets like a bullet in cancer, it'll swallow you up or eat you from the inside and hollow you up And everyday like a test, you know life got rules and its sorta like checkers and chess I went to school and took the lessons punk Know a pawn get kinged, a bishop get juiced A rook get jumped Faggot niggas took the easy route They either coked out, smoked out, doped out Niggas took the needle route And I ain't tryin to take either route I'm tryin to stop get weeded out Really, tryin to weed it out No the flipside we choosin your way Like gettin fat from losin the weight or losing that from, usin the weight I feel like I'm speeding and I'm 'bout to crash No where to go and I'm gettin there fast [Chorus] girl singing Ooouu hooouu, got nowhere Ooouu hooouu, I got nowhere to Ooouu hooouu, got nowhere Ooouu hooouu, I got nowhere to ruuuuunnnnnnn man speaking, girl singing throughout We in the streets player get your man There's only two places to go, we either dead or in jail What the...

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state property got nowhere lyrics state

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State Property - Got Nowhere * lyrics

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state property got nowhere lyrics state

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"Got Nowhere..." Lyrics

I can't escape the wrath of the law if I crash up my whip or get, blast in the jaw Prick, masterded his fifth I might go triple platinum, become a household name After a long day of out of town work make my way to the plane Plane fast in the tenth Hear mayday, mayday, control's outta work How the hell can life end like this? Correct lyrics. Reportar un problema.

state property got nowhere lyrics state