Scorpions in trance whole album roberto

The Story of the Scorpions’ First Classic LP, ‘In Trance’

The tour began in early February in Portugal with a presentation in Porto and three in Lisbon. It takes you back to the days when the band started and five friends conquered the world! Throughout the tour they played a single list of songs, which according to the country where they played included or excluded certain songs. On January 24, 1994, they began their visit to Asia, which featured three concerts in three cities in Japan and their first concert in Singapore on February 5.

Finally, on November 19 at the Casino Estoril of the Portuguese homonymous city, the last concert of 2008 was held. The list of songs on the tour was mainly focused on tracks from the 1979 Lovedrive album to the 1984 Love at First Sting promo.

This event started his first visit to Europe, which in total added 24 dates in 13 countries until September 4.

scorpions in trance whole album roberto

The tour featured a single list of songs, although certain tracks included or excluded certain tracks. After the success of Crazy World and especially the single "Wind of Change", this part had 18 dates for his native Germany, whose last presentation was held on November 13 in Nuremberg. This event was held at the Olympic Stadium in Munich and gathered 83,000 people.

scorpions in trance whole album roberto

This section featured 8 concerts in England, one in Scotland and another in Northern Ireland, which became their debut show in the latter country. Throughout the tour the band played three different lists, according to the place where they appeared.

Beginning with Lonesome Crow back in '72 through to the triumphant "retirement" album Sting In The Tail, and beyond into Comeblack - the stories of their making are all here. This tour had 28 concerts in 23 US cities, which allowed them to play before 1.

scorpions in trance whole album roberto

The tour featured a single list of songs, much like the one played on the previous tour. During the first European dates they were supported by Duff McKagan and Trade Mark, while in the concerts in Bucharest and Budapest, the Dance band were in charge of opening their shows.

scorpions in trance whole album roberto

This event became the first Scorpions visit to that country and, in turn, it was the first concert with the American drummer James Kottak. His last concert in Europe and in addition to 1993, was held on November 15 in the French city of Caen.

During their visit to the United States and Canada with Whitesnake and Dokken, they performed an average of seventeen songs.

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Of those presentations, two nights were fully sold in Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and London. Get Your Sting and Blackout World Tour became one of the most successful tours of the band in the last time, since according to data delivered by the site Pollstarpro Scorpions raised 35. In addition, Rudolf Schenker created an instrumental track that was called "Concerto in V", which until now has only been played on this tour and which featured Herman Rarebell on keyboards". In addition, after playing the song "Dynamite" an instrumental theme was included called "In the Line of Fire", which has never been recorded in the studio.