Sachs pentasport 5-speed how to

Karsten Stielow's site Karstilo. After disassembling some of the other disc brake models so metal chips can be cleaned out, drilling through one of the disc brake mounting holes allows it to be used as an oil port.

Sachs Shifters

Good condition. If so, the problem is with the clickbox, shifter or cable, so replace those. Sachs also introduced 5-speed and 7-speed models and the Elan, a very large and heavy 12-speed hub which was a marketing failure. Sachs Torpedo 5 speed pentasport shifter...

Sachs 5 speed Pentasport hub gear ♦ 2 cable ♦ complete set

Jens Hansen's Scheunenfun barn-find fun site. If these gears work with the clickbox installed but the 4th gear of the 5-speed, or 5th and 6th of the 7-speed don't work, you may have to push on both rods at once to isolate the problem.

sachs pentasport 5-speed how to

I've considered modifying a 7-speed to use a pullchain on the left side and bellcrank on the right. To Australia, Asi...

SRAM Spectro P5 SACHS 5-speed 36 Hole Internal Geared Bicycle Hub - Grey

If the clickbox doesn't shift the hub to these gears, then it is the problem. Feel free to ask any questions and hap...

sachs pentasport 5-speed how to

This would probably make the hub unsuitable for smaller wheels such as a Brompton as they need small rear sprockets to maintain. A reader of this site has sent us links to a photo guide to rebuilding the S7, along with some additional useful information -- in Russian. Basically if you need a new one, just go on ebay. Julio 14 March 2016 at 22: The Product Manuals and Quick Starts listed on that page cover installation and adjustment of hubs.

sachs pentasport 5-speed how to

With the clickbox removed, the hub should be in its lowest gear. I'd doubt that a shifter like mine would work on yours. Walter Jakuba, Das Zweirad -- has ample information on Sachs hubs from the 1950s through 1990s.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product I will be more than happy to take it back... Never mounted or installed. A version with a carbon fiber shell was marketed, but the weight of the internal parts is still substantial.

There are also articles on this site more generally about internal-gear hubs.