Past dr who actors and years

Unfortunately, the BBC1 Controller, Michael Grade, had never been a fan of the program and, after the troubled season 23, "Trial of a Time Lord," Colin Baker was fired despite having a full series left in his contract. Peter Moffett, now better known by his stage name Peter Davison, was born on 13 April 1951 in the Streatham area of London.

All the Doctors, from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker

Hartnell reprised his role once more for the tenth anniversary special, "The Three Doctors," but his health had deteriorated more than the production crew realized and his part had to be rewritten to accommodate his capabilities; it was his final work as an actor, and he passed away in 1974 at the age of 67. After five seasons, he departed the role.

past dr who actors and years

His Doctor had his little quirks, but was much less eccentric than his predecessor, save for a stick of celery he wore on his lapel and a preference for cricket attire. The show basically got canceled after McCoy's three-season tenure.

The 11 Doctors of Doctor Who

Pancras station in London. One of Scotland's greatest ever actors, David Tennant has won almost universal acclaim from audiences, critics and fellow professionals for his outstanding and award-winning performances on stage and screen. Sylvester McCoy was born in Dunoon, Scotland. Sixteen years after the show went off the air, Christopher Eccleston stepped into the role as the Ninth Doctor.

11 Actors Who Have Played The Doctor

While viewers have yet to get more than a sneak peek of Whittaker in the role , she nevertheless makes history as the first woman to ever play the Doctor. Actor The Hobbit: Audible Download Audio Books.

past dr who actors and years

Producer Steven Moffatt had been going for someone in his mid-40s, but was particularly taken by Smith's oddball demeanor and ability to look very old indeed. He enjoyed the role tremendously, but by 1966, his health was deteriorating due to arteriosclerosis and he had to quit. List Order Date Added.

past dr who actors and years

He was also in some way responsible for the fact that the Time Lords were now extinct. It was a winning take on the alien and viewers really took to him. For that, we owe him our thanks. Top 12 of 2012.

past dr who actors and years

Born in 1982 in Northhampton, Matt Smith initially dreamed of becoming a professional football player.