Neil jenkins kicking technique when you swim

And Lewis is extremely good at talking the talk. The first thing that needs to change is the "as long as beat the English" or "as long anyone beats the English" mentality.

Drama, Tom Jones and Gibbs' great try - story behind Wales' 1999 win over England

That was a lovely touch. No-one is going to be lining up for it if they stop for one minute and look at the past treatment through the media and other quarters. He has a knack of making the best of a bad bunch. Swimming high on the water surface is always easier and faster than swimming with your hips low under the surface.

As the race comes down to the finish, arm muscles so often begin to fail and you rely on other muscles in the sequence to maintain speed. With rugby union then still employing added time rather than stopping the clock for breaks in play, there were more than 81 minutes played when Jenkins' towering kick put Wales in a prime attacking position. I am proud Welshman who never likes to lose. Point one: Gareth Jenkins knew what he was entering into when he took the job.

I'm an Irelaned supporter so i sort of know how you feel. We have kids playing on 4" of mud in attrocious conditions throughout the winter. Some poor decisions were made on the pitch - always take the points when you're behind!

And the players too, need to start learning who is boss and remember what shirt they are putting on. Interception tries a constant feature, as players were unable to stop themselves completing training ground moves despite the wrong colour shirt being in the way.

The game is about winning and not about who's in charge!

Three Ways to Improve Your Flutter Kick

Individual players have far too much influence into how they train, how they play and generally how they represent Wales! Before the Fiji match, the entire squad repeated the mantra that Wales must have no fear of playing their way, that they would take the islanders on at their own game and run them off the park. The Grand Slam should have laid a foundation, something solid to build on for once and take what is without doubt a talented squad of players on to the next level.

Back to top. Fiji was downright dirty in the first 15 minutes, but they had knocked Wales off their game plan, if it ever existed...... Photo Courtesy: Glad to see the back of Jenkins. Players need to look at themselves -the Grand Slam a couple of years ago was in the main down to good fortune and everything coming off -the players can't afford to rest on their laurels. Had he said 'I have only been here 18months and i am building towards the world cup in 2011' then i think he should have had that time to prove himself.

Surely the WRU will now see that employing a dinosaur will not help us in the future??