Lobola how many cows are you worth

lobola how many cows are you worth

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Online Lobola Calculator App

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Although seen by many as extravagance that has little relevance to the society, where young Africans are struggling poverty, the tradition is still strong.

lobola how many cows are you worth

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lobola how many cows are you worth

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MiWayLife - Win Cattle. No Bull! "Lobola"

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Wondering How Many Cows You’re Worth? There’s An App For That

Terms and Conditions. Because of paying too much for lobola and preparing for the wedding, many couples start poor with heavy debts.

Cost-effectiveness or unemployment growth Olympic medals and courageous victories Sport: A disclaimer on a website for the app says the Lobola Calculator is 'just for entertainment and is not intended to replace the true culture and protocols of lobola'.

lobola how many cows are you worth

However, some of the feedback has been less constructive, with the Global Post reporting that commentators have requested the developer add extra metric to the equation, suggesting women should also be ranked according to their ethnicity, class and ability to cook. He stresses that the app is purely for entertainment value. National Lottery Results.

How many cows are our South African celebs worth? We take a look at the Lobola Calculator app

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