Innosetupregfile what is this

Welcome to TechTarget's expert community for technology professionals. All ISTool sections should now be pre-processed if pre-processing is enabled.

innosetupregfile what is this

Similar Posts. If the compiler detects a entry with an isreadme flag, it strips the isreadme flag from the [Files] entry and inserts a generated [Run] entry at the head of the list of [Run] entries. Added tab for selecting language in preferences.

[Run] & [UninstallRun] sections

Alternatively you can use [Graphical Installer] to create cool looking skinned installers. And it won't hang on you, like the regedit. How do I import. Please try again later. Determines the message displayed on the wizard while the program is executed.

innosetupregfile what is this

I don't think you can execute a. Hot Network Questions. Bits [Setup] directive is now ignored.

Inno-Setup registry entry

New parameter HotKey in [Icons] section. Email Required, but never shown. Function to run setup without compiling first F5. Instructs Setup to initially uncheck the checkbox. Do you have to run the Execute Shell Command step as a user or system?

innosetupregfile what is this

Parameters containing ';' is now quoted when saved. Hi Folks I need to Install a. Note, however, that this is not an Inno Setup-specific limitation; Windows Installer-based installers cannot return to the original user credentials either in such cases. Delete the value when the program is uninstalled. Try clicking "Properties" on the toolbar to open properties for the current line.

innosetupregfile what is this

Still using WinHelp for the context help popups though.