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The True Meaning of Integrity

By simultaneously viewing the planned route of your aircraft with current conditions, you'll have the predictive information you need on a single map. The ability to modify and customize the Passenger Briefing gives FltPlan users flexibility in terms of what information is provided to their passengers.

FltPlan Go Android app compatibility is expected to be available soon. A company can have their own unique release acceptance statement that suits their needs. Since the logbook is accessible anywhere, anytime it is something pilots can keep for a lifetime. This feature allows for rubber-banding so that the route of flight can be aligned with the approach path. You can also use this feature in NavLogs by tapping on the split-screen and selecting HowGozit. This premium option also includes columns for the operator's name, contingency fuel, enroute reserve, hold reserve, and pilot signature.

This new feature can be viewed online on the FltPlan. The Map Builder can be accessed from any device — desktop, tablet, phone or laptop. What made you want to look up integrity? MOS forecasts are available for 2,000—plus airports.

HowGozit gives you real time progress of how your flight is proceeding along your route.

One of the missions of the Civil Air Patrol is the search and rescue of downed aircraft. There could be an emergency or an issue with a flight plan, making it necessary for FltPlan to contact a pilot. Five Guiding Themes Provide Civic Leadership through Partnerships --Lead as a civic partner, deepen our engagement as a critical community asset, demonstrate.

FltLogic logs actual flight times, including a breakdown of block time and flight time, and will even log the amount of fuel burned and purchased.

Toggle navigation. Don't you? Automatic notifications are sent to the pilot and crew when an event is created, when changes are made, the day prior to the flight, and four hours prior to the trip. Select from 12 different background maps, 11 map layers, and 5 possible weather layers. Translation of integrity.