How widely supported is html5 the future

Those latter two have become even more important as the Web has transformed from static documents to websites that are so interactive that people now call them Web apps.

Each of the major browsers supports different pieces of HTML5 right now, and we expect to see all browsers on the same page in a year or two.

how widely supported is html5 the future

Skip Social. If you are really that concerned, there are ways of concealing javascript through obfuscation and programming your game in a way that makes it difficult to duplicate.

Where on the Web Is HTML5?

In adding more to the basic HTML5 code to get more out of HTML5 this led to bloating which as been detrimental for mobile users who have data limits or those on slower connections. They include: Skip Article Header. Have you ever built a nice website and then found that it work well in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari but not in Internet Explorer? The nonprofit group was founded precisely to do such work, but the last version it released -- HTML 4.

But the major value is in making your code more easily understood by both humans and machines.

how widely supported is html5 the future

Check out this example, which manages to render even complex mathematical equations in pure HTML. Correction, 3: It's very sad. HTML5 can also be extended to offer even more semantic structure through Microdata.

how widely supported is html5 the future

It will probably be a decade before you can design sites that require a full range of HTML5 features with confidence that the vast majority of installed browsers will support it. That's because a second organization, the Web Hypertext Applications Technology Working Group, is also in charge of HTML, and a rift between the two appears to be widening instead of closing. All tags are lower case, all attribute values must be in quotes, and all elements must be closed.

how widely supported is html5 the future

But today, there is no such authoring tool, making canvas of limited utility for most designers. Take the case of a TV maker building a chip-based technology into a chip. Technically, the Google homepage just uses the HTML5 doctype — the rest of the page is actually quite archaic and invalid code — but other Google apps take advantage of HTML5 much more.

Submit a Support Ticket Contact Us. Jaffe hopes to tackle these future standards issues this week in Santa Clara, Calif.

The 6 things I hate about the HTML5 Format

HTML5 support validation in Forms by including a built in client side form validation mechanism designed to make implementing client side validation seamless, and most importantly — easy to implement. All Rights Reserved. Your email address will not be published. Click on the little circle above the yellow guy to tell Google Maps where you are.

how widely supported is html5 the future

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