How to unlock darksiders 2 secret ending

how to unlock darksiders 2 secret ending

Aug 22, 2012 2. Cancel Save. She addressed the figure as "My Prince", implying that the figure was Lucifer. Also did you watch the scene after the credits? After Death restored humanity and destroyed the Corruption, Lucifer lost the means to dispose his enemies.

how to unlock darksiders 2 secret ending

Nightmare966 Nightmare966 6 years ago 5 Lucifer is named on Lilith's Bio from the manual... How long does Death's journey last, anyway?

Strangely enough, I think it would have made more sense for this to be the first game and Darksiders 1 to be the second game, leading up to badass final chapter. Keep in mind, Death didn't fully "save" humanity per se, he just freed their souls, everyone is still dead, now they just have a chance to return at some point in the future if we ever get a Darksiders 3 now... This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

Does Darksiders 2 have two endings?

As if there aren't enough, now I need to try and find bloody gnomes now?! Contents [ show ]. I've got everything done myself now all I have left to do is the Crucible which shouldn't be too bad. I understand that they're trying to set up the next game, what with the stuff after the credits, but I too had a hard time understanding what happened.

Darksiders 3 – How to Unlock Secret Ending

And then the ending comes with its terribly disappointing boss battle. Noodogala , Sep 22, 2013. But unlike the original, they felt rushed like they wanted to push all of this outta the way just to close the book.

how to unlock darksiders 2 secret ending

That would also mean Death is "Dead" for those 99 years until the final seal is broken. That makes the most sense to me, but I may be grasping at stuff. Cthegamer Follow Forum Posts: Now the End War is truly ready to begin and the Dark Prince's plans have been ruined with the Four now called forth to punish the wicked in the wake of the Seventh Seal's destruction. And I agree on Death just saying "yeah I'll save War", which is why i was confused that characters kept coming back and making a big deal out of saving the Nephilim, when it turned out to not even be a big decision in the story.

how to unlock darksiders 2 secret ending

If it was him why would he refer to his siblings as their race. It's kind of perfect for his character. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.