How to retouch my hair myself

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how to retouch my hair myself

Smooth the new growth with the back of a comb. Rushing through a chemical application can lead to disaster. Aragold Thank you so much for your comment. I want to know if I can always mix protein and moisture deep conditioners for the purposes of deep conditioning and also protein and moisture leave in conditioners on a daily basis before sealing with oil.

Relaxer Mistakes to Avoid

Dunno if ts right tho bt least, it works. For this reason, lye relaxers may not be suitable for ladies with very sensitive scalps or ladies that burn easily. Crunchy, flat,. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 12. I've never done a mid step protein treatment before but I have some Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor that I don't use any more it has mineral oil so I think I will give it a try on my next touch up since its going to get shampooed out anyway.

SH Stephanie Hendricks Sep 19, 2018. With your plastic gloves on, mix the product in a plastic bowl as instructed. If your hair feels to brittle for example then you may need to reduce the protein in your mix. Hi Lynny You can certainly deep condition with a bit of protein and moisture mixed together on your texturise day.


However, the last time I relaxed my hair it broke seriously I was afraid I will go bald. Avoid getting the relaxer on your scalp. I do treat my hair with all kinds of oil and my has under growth and I am planning to retouch my hair maybe next year or so.

how to retouch my hair myself

While relaxing on your own is doable, it's always nice to have help. It will help return your hair to its normal PH levels.

Relax your hair at home, by yourself, the RIGHT way!

This is a very informative post. And if I have been a part of your hair journey even in the smallest of ways….. The time to have an old towel on hand to wipe up any spills is not after the spill happens.

It is important you use a deep conditioner s with both protein and moisture.

how to retouch my hair myself

Proceed With Caution Just because relaxer kits are inexpensive and readily available, you should still use caution when using them. I have bad issues with dry frazzled and frizzy hair. I have written about preparing hair for relaxing which you may read by clicking on the link below https: This site is so helpful..

I hope other ladies get Rehairducated the way I did and stop the conventional way. Coconut or olive oil is what most relaxed ladies use. Yes, you can you can relax and color your hair in the same day.