How to rail spike knives

This will keep it along the center line.

how to rail spike knives

Most welders will have a few sticks in their rod storage area. Your 6th anniversary can be a challenge when it comes to gift shopping.


Our high quality railroad spike knives, stands and sheaths are handmade here in North Carolina. This is where the blade is flatter and it flares into the handle. Caseinite A product for case hardening steel. Home I have a youtube channel with over 700 Videos! If ebay isn't your thing, McMaster-Carr still carries them.

how to rail spike knives

The addition of a hard-facing material to the blade edge takes only a few moments mostly setting up the welding equipment and gives an infinitely superior edge retention to the finished product. PVC Class. Recirculating Air Spray Booth.

How to Make a Railroad Spike Knife?

Railroad spike , a special nail widely used in the railway industry, is an important component of rail fastening system. His affiliation with BLADE Magazine has brought new and interesting information, tips and tricks to thousands of would-be knife makers. Don't try to get it exactly to your final knife shape. Commemorate the day with personalization options. Plus, the alloying metals will be different too.

how to rail spike knives

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. I have this and was thinking is doing something similar to this maybe a razor. Share it with us!

Forged Knife From a Railroad Spike

The forge will burn it off. Sign up for my free newsletter. Just keep looking at it and bringing it back into shape along a center line.