How to play math dice jr directions

Be the first player to reach the finish line on the scoring track! It's simple, fast paced, competitive.

how to play math dice jr directions

All the adults can play this game as well, and maintain intrerest. Adults Seniors.

Math DiceĀ® Jr.

First player to reach 4 points, wins the game. Flash cards get boring and this game doesn't.

how to play math dice jr directions

If you get into playing the MathDice games and working through the program, you'll earn MathDice Points for your class. Product Specs Toy Value Index. He loves this game, and it is sort of scary how very good he is at it already.

Maths Dice Jr

But how does this help me? After the Target Number has been established, the second player rolls the three 6-sided Scoring dice.

how to play math dice jr directions

I also bought the older kids edition for use with multiplication and division. Playing a Point To start, one player rolls the two 12-sided dice. Your goal is to use as many of the Scoring Dice as possible to make an equation that equals the number on the Target Die. Your Name. This should be adaptable for several grade levels and a valuable tool to get the attention of the students and challenge them.

Great product for learning and having fun. My son loves to just add numbers, subtract numbers, etc.

how to play math dice jr directions

They have played with it many times and they are both successful at coming up with solutions. Share This: Great for Math Skills and other games.