How to plant lavender seeds indoors

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How to grow lavender

OY Olga Yazdanian Mar 31, 2017. I am interested to grow the lavender flowers, and I need help from you.

how to plant lavender seeds indoors

It smells great and wanted the smell in my home, but don't want a weed effect. Alternatively, you can also use a larger pot or division-free tray and space multiple lavender plants in the tray 2 inches 5 cm apart from one another. Lavender tends to spread, so you may want to transplant in few months into a bigger pot or outdoors.

Flea Market Flip 11: Flea Market Flip 9am 8c. This time I hope to find the right seeds. Today's Top Stories. Once your lavender is settled into its final location, it will likely grow slowly in the first year, but most plants will still bloom.

how to plant lavender seeds indoors

Gently pry the lavender out of its original container and transplant it into the new hole, packing the soil around it to keep it firmly fixed in place. Keep the seeds in a warm spot. English Lavender Lavandula angustifolia is a fully hardy plant which flowers in June and July. Use a small amount of granular slow-release fertilizer that contains balanced proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Give sprouted seeds plenty of light.

How to Grow Lavender from Seed

House Hunters 3: What seeds should I be sowing now? PH Pat Helton Apr 29, 2017. You should encourage this process by cutting off any flowering stems once the first buds begin to open during the first growing season. Lauren Kurtz.

how to plant lavender seeds indoors

Popular varieties include ' Fathead ' and the slightly more compact ' Bandera '. Help answer questions Learn more.

CW Charlene Wicks Aug 3, 2017. The seeds will sprout in about two weeks, at which point you should place seedlings in full sunlight. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into 7.