How to make s wave curls tutorial

Explore More: Show us your messy waves! The second important thing to remember is this: Katherine Langford has bright red hair now. You'll notice this instantly gives the whole look an easier, more natural finish.

I show you how to use my secret weapon gorilla.

how to make s wave curls tutorial

Sophie Turner couldn't wash her hair during 'GoT'. It takes a teensy bit of practice, but overall, the steps are super simple. View this post on Instagram. Next she cups large sections of her hair in her hands and blasts the dryer over each to help the waves set.

How to Create Effortless Waves for Short Hair: A Tutorial

This is so that you can reach the hair underneath with your curling iron. Who needs a Glam Squad, eh? North West just landed her first magazine cover. I have a confession to make: It might feel awkward if you've never done it before, but you'll get used to it!

how to make s wave curls tutorial

So throughout my formative years, curling techniques really weren't on my radar. If you haven't yet been able to nail down how to curl short hair, this easy tutorial is for you. Type keyword s to search.

Kim Kardashian's 'S-waves' tutorial will change the way you wave your hair

Trust me when I say those first few years curling my hair were a little rough—it took a while for me to get as comfortable curling my hair as I'd been straightening it, especially after I cut my hair short.

But feel free to part it wherever you'd like.

how to make s wave curls tutorial

Let down the clip, and finish curling. This will add body, enhance the texture, and help hold the style in place. I was 20 years old the first time I curled my hair.

how to make s wave curls tutorial

Slay at life with your messy waves. You can comb through them later. She then alternates the S shape all the way down, creating the S wave.