How to make infinity scarf with pockets

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how to make infinity scarf with pockets

I find the best fabrics at the Goodwill! Along the inside of the fabric, attach three strips of iron-on hem tape that are about six inches each on the right side of the zipper to form a pocket.

How to Make an Easy Infinity Scarf with Zipper Hidden Pocket

Now test the zipper. Judy Binder — December 6, 2018. Thank you for the freebies this year! Your belongings will fall down toward the bottom of the scarf. Pin and close up the opening with a blind stitch. Skip to content Share this!

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Use the zipper pocket to hide your phone or passport or other lightweight items. Pull one end of the tube through to meet the other end.

how to make infinity scarf with pockets

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how to make infinity scarf with pockets

Turn scarf right side out, pulling the entirety of the fabric through the opening you created in the last step. Zika 101 What you need to know about the Zika virus. Notify me of new posts by email. Sew directly over the top of the zipper edge to the side seam. I had a beautiful vintage piece of fabric I thrifted last year. Whitney says: Fold over the fabric and iron. Expedition Unknown 11pm 10c.

2018 Holiday Freebies :: Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

My mom and I did that some when I was in college, but we were just doing it for fun and not making anything to sell. Pin in place, and sew using a zipper foot using the same principles as stated in the previous step. All rights reserved. Expedition Unknown 7pm 6c. If you prefer a simpler look, feel free to leave off the fringe step. Thank you very much for your detailed instructions. Upcycled Camera Straps 3 Ways 00: Adhere zipper to the fabric.

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