How to make a thick dutch braid

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How To Make Braids Look Thicker With Just A Few Sneaky (And Easy) Extra Steps

Following the original braid's path, weave the three strands through one at a time. Nice article and your are sharing a wonderful information to the readers. Gather a thin section of hair from the left side. Alternatively, you can tie the 2 braids into a ponytail instead.

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Braiding on wet hair is a great way make your hair curly without using heat. You can always loosen the braid up later.

how to make a thick dutch braid

Keep the strands even in size and tension. A Anonymous Jan 22, 2018. How do you make your dutch braids tight? For more details and styling ideas, keep on reading! Remove the 2 smaller hair ties, and undo the braids.

how to make a thick dutch braid

My hair is extremely fine, thin, and stick straight, so any braid I do is purely for function as it looks very thin and limp and lackluster.

It may look complex to a beginner, but it is actually quite simple! It is very important that you cross these 2 strands under instead of over, like in a standard braid.

The Secret to Thicker Braids

Continue to Dutch braid until you reach your nape. Dutch braids also work if you gather one strand from the hairline, then add the other two strands from the sides. Method 2. Is that ever an issue for you? To keep the ends from sticking out, apply a bit of smoothing serum or pomade.

As you pancake, pull gently in the middle of each braid and pull harder as you get to the outer edges.

how to make a thick dutch braid

Now, the easiest way to give the illusion of Rapunzellian locks is to clip in extensions before you get to plaiting. Brush your hair straight back, then gather a section from the hairline. Begin a standard braid to anchor the Dutch braid.

how to make a thick dutch braid

You can cross the left strand under the middle one, then add the thin section of hair to it. Article Summary X The easiest way to Dutch braid your hair is to start with a regular braid at your hairline.