How to make a rootbeer float shot

Root Beer Float (Shot)

You can whip these up in a short amount of time for the kids and even make an alcoholic version for you and your friends to enjoy! Side Dishes. Well this shows you how! French vanilla is too sweet and regular vanilla too muted.

Root Beer Float Shots

Was so delicious. Close Missing! Ok, Got It!

how to make a rootbeer float shot

Pick your ice cream wisely! On behalf of everyone, thank you for all the hard work you put in to developing this recipe. Please enter your before submitting.

how to make a rootbeer float shot

Vodka Root Beer Floats! Sit down, get to know me, ya know? Not sure I love my new do up under the chin!!

how to make a rootbeer float shot

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Ultimate Root Beer Float

Prep Time. I have good news for you- August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day and no matter what diet you are following, I give you permission to indulge in a frothy glass of your own.

A subtle, tasty liquor that waltzed with the root beer on my tongue.

how to make a rootbeer float shot

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how to make a rootbeer float shot

Off the chain — what a great recipe. Ive always liked French vanilla the besT but i need to try again I guess, cus i dont like too sweet anymore, my health says i need to stop all together, but once in a while i like my floats… another good way to make it is instead of rootbeer use cream soda , and I often make a float from cherry Vanilla ice Cream with cream soda and it is amazing..

Root Beer Float Shot)

Dessert, Drinks. In conclusion: Okay Dana. If you love Root Beer Floats, you might also like these drink recipes: Freezer Friendly No.