How to knock off atheon glitch

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Vault of Glass Atheon Glitch Fixes Coming to Destiny

If atheon falls off the map he doesnt give any rewards: Edited by Undefined: If you're the type of person who thinks skipping a bosses mechanics by simply exploiting the game's mechanic to knock a boss off the edge is how the boss fight was intended to be.

A level 27 is essentially useless in the fight, yet with cheese he can get all the rewards that my 29s and 30s actually worked hard to get, without lifting a finger.

Subscribe to The Eurogamer. BiggCMan 1593d ago Perfectly fine, nothing bad about fixing this.

how to knock off atheon glitch

Its just a strategy to take him out. OmegaShen 1593d ago I think in hard mode, normal mode no.

how to knock off atheon glitch

The reason for this is that doing the fight as it is intended is near impossible with the ridiculous amount of bugs present in the fight. The entitlement of gamers these days. Hide low-scoring comments Yes No. Comment Reply Start Topic. Agree 1 Disagree 0. It turns out you can visit these throne rooms - as well as the main throne room - safe from the annoyance of an Atheon spawn if you glitch your way into the Vault of Glass from the bog standard Venus patrol mode, then proceed to glitch your way deep deep down, past the Gorgon's Labyrinth to a spot from which you can explore the throne rooms.

how to knock off atheon glitch

We all know Bungie didn't design the boss with the intent for people to end the fight by knocking him off the ledge. He was hanging off the ledge and I threw a hail mary pulse grenade with my Titan and it knocked him off!!!!

Here is why, [b]Atheon freezing: Its not like it is free for them, it costs them time and money to do so, and it forces you lazy bums to play the games the way it was meant to be played.

Bungie on Destiny Vault of Glass Atheon Pushing: "Knocking a boss off a ledge is a bug"

They are there to either help you kill the boss or kill you, which you would then come up with strategy to avoid dieing! Patch and make me spend an extra 10 minutes of my time....

how to knock off atheon glitch

Twinfinite writes: AR15 Danny. Well so should the boss, an it does take some team work to do it. Just like doing it the DPS grind way. Top games Top games.

Destiny Players Glitch Through Vault of Glass and into Atheon’s Room

Doing solo takes more time. He also likes Street Fighter more than anyone can get him to shut up about it. N4G Forums.