How to forward a book from ibookstore

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Manage iBooks and ePub books

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iBooks Author: Send your book via email

I'm not certain if there is a limit to the number of authorized iTunes accounts on a single computer. Michael Cohen.

how to forward a book from ibookstore

I have heard a few horror stories about Lulu has anyone had any experience with them at all? Learn more... Learn more.

You're making it much more difficult than it actually need be. Paper has a lot of bandwidth, and its bandwidth comes from simple convenience. Smashwords require you to format your MC Word document to their requirements.

I would have to look through the actual guidelines from Apple to answer that properly.

how to forward a book from ibookstore

Copy the epub file from your iTunes library the sync puts it there. The whole thing is still nuts. Enter the recipient's email address. If that person's iTunes library is authorized to use media from your account, on the next sync that person's iDevice has the book ready to be read. Recipients will receive a link to purchased e-books in the iTunes Store.

Write A Book on Your Mac: iBooks Author

Then, drop the copied epub file into the iTunes library on the other person's computer. Dan Butcher. Great article, and the readers here at Copyblogger are ideal candidates for turning their blogs into real, live books. Nice, tight sharp writing.

how to forward a book from ibookstore

You now have your very own book in the Apple iBookstore for sale. Method 2. I was planning to try and sell my first ebook, O Brother!