How to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

It takes all visible layers and makes them one combined layer. When you save a merged document, you cannot revert back to the unmerged state; the layers are permanently merged. Select multiple layers and use "Merge Layers" to combine them all into one layer. Still, if none of your options come up to merge, try to: Use the Eraser tool on the two girls looking away, revealing the image below, where they look into the camera.

Vector Mask.

Flatten and Merge Layers in Photoshop Elements 10

Thanks to this, I can make my YT banner! Flattening and saving files When you finish editing all the layers in your image, you can merge or flatten layers to reduce the file size.

how to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

The second number represents the file size without flattening. Applies to: You might have the French text on one layer, and the English text on another in the same image file.

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how to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

If you have any hidden layers, Elements asks you whether you want to discard those hidden layers. Select the base layer in the clipping mask.

how to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

You cannot use an adjustment or fill layer as the target layer for a merge. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

In this Article: You should get the options: Select multiple layers.

how to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

Co-Authored By:. Contents About layers Getting started Using the Layers panel Rearranging layers Applying a gradient to a layer Applying a layer style Adding an adjustment layer Updating layer effects Adding a border Flattening and saving files Review questions Review answers.

how to flatten layers in adobe photoshop

Display only those layers you want to merge. Note, however, that you cannot do this if either layer is invisible or locked. If you save your file in any other format, Elements automatically flattens your layers into a background. Is this article up to date? Simply right-click the layer or group and select a color.

How to Flatten an Image in Adobe Photoshop CS6

The first number represents what the file size would be if you flattened the image. Luckily, you have several options available to you. To create two different layer comps, you would simply turn on visibility for the French layer and turn off visibility for the English layer, and then click the Create New Layer Comp button on the Layer Comps panel.