How to finish plywood ends

How Do You Finish the Edges of Plywood?

Thanks Glenn. The time now is 6: And I love the name, very clever! While the glue is still hot, run a scrap block over the veneer to press the strip firmly in place.

how to finish plywood ends

Remember Me? Sand the edges with 220 grit sandpaper, then finish as desired. Originally Posted by josh allison.

how to finish plywood ends

Just want to confirm. Do not cross your edging over any joints.

how to finish plywood ends

The way you get the best appearence is to highly sand the ends and edges. Thanks for all your help- very useful.

How to Finish Raw Plywood Edges

Half of the plys match the sides the half that are long grain and the other half were slightly darker making a nice contrast. Using a sanding sponge or sandpaper wrapped around a block, round-over and smooth the edge of the veneer. So you suggest Zinnser Seal Coat as the final finish. Now, using a vise, clamp the board upright. You will need to purchase veneer edging for this project. Toggle navigation. Terms of Use - Privacy Policy.

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You may need to make a few passes to remove all the excess veneer. Keep moving the iron so as not to scorch the wood. Your drawer looks great! Cancel reply. The only real drawback is how to finish the edges.