How to find kfp of bht antioxidant

how to find kfp of bht antioxidant

The temperature then rises up and either stays at the freezing point, in the case of the pure substance, or slowly falls as the solution freezes.

Obtain and wear goggles. Pulverize a small amount of the mixture of BHT and cetyl alcohol that was prepared by your instructor.

how to find kfp of bht antioxidant

Then open the experiment file that matches the probe you are using. The following data was obtained in an experiment designed to find the molar mass of a solute by freezing point depression. Submitted by alexjames13 on Tue, 2012-10-02 15: Stir well to be sure that the solution is homogenous.

how to find kfp of bht antioxidant

The unknown is added to BHT, the freezing point depression of this solution is measured, and the molar mass of the unknown is then determined. Freezing Point Time 13.

Freezing point depression lab

Pulverize a small amount about 0. Benzoic acid occurs naturally as do its esters in many plant and animal species.

how to find kfp of bht antioxidant

Otherwise, it is relatively uncommon. Percentage By Mass Calculation S. What are colligative properties?

how to find kfp of bht antioxidant

Do not attempt to pull the probe out— this might damage it. Examine the freezing curves for each.

Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression AP Chemistry Laboratory #5

AP6356, from Flinn Scientific, Inc. Email Fax List. The following errors occurred when the above experiment was carried out. Click OK.

Whats the molecular weight of BHT?

Soaps are not made directly from stearic acid, but indirectly by saponification of triglycerides consisting of stearic acid esters. But most of the increase is attributable to an increase in high-density lipoprotein HDL the "good" blood cholesterol.

As you move the mouse cursor across the graph, the temperature y and time x data points are displayed in the examine box on the graph.

Why is it advantageous to choose a solvent which has a large value for K f?